Unexpected accessories: Parent finds naked pics on refurbished Game Boy

TUCSON, AZ - A Tucson boy's Christmas gift came with a big surprise that has his parents outraged.

Cameron Willett told KGUN9 he was setting up the parental controls on a Game Boy he'd just bought his kids when he came across naked pictures.

He took the refurbished game back to the store where the manager apologized and gave Willett a brand new Game Boy for his children.

This is apparently not the first time Game Stop has sold "dirty" refurbished products, according to the report. A few days earlier, a parent in the Denver area also found pornography on his children's Game Boys.

Willett told KGUN9 that without him double checking his Christmas gift before giving it to his kids, things could have been much worse. He said it's clear Game Stop's "so-called process" isn't working.

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