Tucson tragedy survivors take action in gun control debate

TUCSON, AZ - A lot of buildup, and then a big fail in the gun control debate. The bill crafted in response to the Newtown shooting was struck down in the U.S. Senate Wednesday.
Arizonans who survived the Tucson tragedy , and channeled their grief and anger to take action in Washington, came home Wednesday night having lost this battle, but still resolved to make a difference.

Patricia Maisch was there on that dark January day. She witnessed the horror. And she helped stop the shooter before he could kill even more innocent people.

In the two years since, Maisch has made it her cause. "I don't consider this a loss. I consider this a failure of justice," she says.

Maisch's emotions boiled over as senators blocked the bill on the Senate floor Wednesday.
"Shame on you, this isn't over," says Maisch. "We will work to remove these senators and these congressmen from office."

By Maisch's side was Roxana Green. She lost her daughter Christina Taylor Green in the Tucson tragedy

She says it has never gotten easier. "You never know what's going to trigger your sadness or your grief," she said.

"Obviously, none of us want to be here. None of us want to be doing this, but how can we not? We're doing this for future Americans," said Green.

Roxana Green now heads the Christina Taylor Green Foundation.

She says the organization has raised more than half a million dollars in the last two years for causes in the Tucson area.

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