Tucson crowd protesting arrest of undocumented immigrants gets pepper sprayed by police

TUCSON, AZ - A crowd trying to prevent a Border Patrol truck from driving away with two undocumented immigrants was pepper sprayed Tuesday night.

Tucson police pulled over a car with a license plate light that was out at 22nd Street and 10th Avenue and learned the two people in the car did not have driver's licenses or other identification, KGUN9 says.

The officer called Border Patrol to complete an immigration check. During that time a crowd of about 100 reportedly crowded around the Border Patrol truck so it could not leave.

Police told KGUN9 the crowd advanced on the truck which caused the Force Commander to order the crowd to be pepper sprayed.

KGUN9 reports Tucson Fire was called to evaluate three of the people sprayed. No one was taken to the hospital.

The group then dispersed and the Border Patrol left with the two people in custody.

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