Tucson company seeks liability waivers for space balloon flights

TUCSON, AZ - A Tucson company is backing legislation that would allow for legal liability waivers for space balloon trips, according to an article from the Phoenix Business Journal .

Paragon Space Development Corp. is a "space industry supply chain company" and wants to launch a space tourism project that would launch balloons 100,000 feet into the air for tourists to see a different view of the Earth.

The legislation would allow these space tourists to sign a waiver, similar to the waiver signed by skydivers. Without these waivers, the company says it wouldn't be able to afford to insure the operation. A flight in one of these space balloons would cost $75,000.

Other states have legal liability legislation for space flights, including California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico and Colorado.

Read the full story by the Phoenix Business Journal here .

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