Jared Loughner sentencing: Loughner gets 7 life sentences for 2011 Tucson shootings

TUCSON, AZ - Jared Loughner, the man who went on a shooting rampage in Tucson last year, will face seven life sentences plus 140 years.

The judge initially said six life terms but then corrected himself, saying a seventh life sentence is for former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

ABC15's @KatieRaml and @CoreyABC15 were live tweeting from the courtroom.

@KatieRaml at 12:26 PM: Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly hug the lawyers and shake judges hand.

@KatieRaml at 12:25 PM: Jared Loughners mom watches him leave the courtroom. He never looks back at her.

@CoreyABC15 at 12:17 PM: Judge will order Loughner will return to Springfield, MO after hearing.

@CoreyABC15 at 12:16 PM: Judge points out Loughner has waived right to appeal

@KatieRaml at 12:15 PM: Final total: 7 life terms. 140 years. No restitution. # Loughner

@CoreyABC15 at 12:15 PM: Judge accepts plea. Loughner will spend the rest of his life behind bars after being given 7 life terms, plus 140 years.

@KatieRaml at 12:12 PM: 7th Life Term added for attempt of Gabby Giffords death.

@CoreyABC15 at 12:12 PM: Prosecutor points out Loughner faces 7 life sentences. 1 life sent for ea victim killed plus 1 for attempted assassination of Giffords.

@KatieRaml at 12:08 PM: Will be on meds for the rest of his life. - judge

@CoreyABC15 at 12:06 PM: Judge says plea of 6 life sentences (plus 140 years) reflects individuality of victims & adds there's a "symbolic element" to it

@KatieRaml at 12:04 PM: 6 life terms and 140 years. "He will never have op to pick up gun again." -judge.

@CoreyABC15 at 12:01 PM: Loughner's mother's head fell to lap while sobbing as she listened to judge. Loughner's father also crying.

@CoreyABC15 at 12:00 PM: Judge: Loughner's parents struggled w/ son's mental health problems, made attempts to try & help him.

@KatieRaml at 11:59 AM: He had a normal life until about 16. Parents made a clear attempt to help him. - Judge

@KatieRaml at 11:58 AM: Loughners home computer had searched Giffords... And the death penalty.... Before shooting. -Judge.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:58 AM: Judge: a lot of speculation on whether Loughner was insane. Judge Burns finds Loughner was NOT although he had mental disorders.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:56 AM: Judge: Loughner planned this… facts indicated he travel there w/ purpose of shooting Giffords & others & planned ahead.

@KatieRaml at 11:55 AM: Loughner is NOT insane. -Judge

@KatieRaml at 11:51 AM: Sentencing begins. Loughners mom rocks forward in silent tears....

@CoreyABC15 at 11:50 AM: No one speaking on Loughner's behalf.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:49 AM: Lead prosecutor: we hope you will find some way in your heart... to atone for what you did.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:49 AM: Lead prosecutor: most victims came to us and did not want death penalty... that had great bearing on AG's decision not to seek death penalty

@CoreyABC15 at 11:48 AM: Lead prosecutor: Mr Loughner: you have been given a gift whether you know it or not... could have faced death penalty

@KatieRaml at 11:48 AM: Loughner only moves to sip water or glance down at papers... Or scratch his face. Only had "emotion" when Mark spoke.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:44 AM: Lawyer listing victims... Lastly... includes Loughners parents.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:41 AM: Lead prosecutor still talking to judge about the impact the shooting has had on victims in Loughner shooting.

@KatieRaml at 11:34 AM: UNREAL: victim Pam Simon was once a teacher... At Loughners middle school when he was a student there...

@KatieRaml at 11:29 AM: Loughners mothers head hangs. Her silver curled hair shadows her deep red anguished skin.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:28 AM: Lead prosecutor, Wally Kleindienst, tells judge Giffords has "fought fiercely to overcome the impact of that bullet."

@KatieRaml at 11:24 AM: Mavy Stoddards jaw adjusts and shifts as she looks up and fights tears--- as the lawyer tells her lost husbands life story.

@KatieRaml at 11:19 AM: Mark closes his eyes... And touches his head to Gabbys as they listen to Cristina taylor greenes short life.

@KatieRaml at 11:17 AM: Gabby just lifted marks hand to kiss it... She held it to her lips for several seconds... til mark reaches to hug her.

@KatieRaml at 11:16 AM: Loughner now sits with arms crossed tucked under listening to life of Cristina taylor greene from lawyer.

@KatieRaml at 11:11 AM: Loughner never looked away from Mark and Gabby... And Gabby did not look away from Loughner. She smiled when she sat back down.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:09 AM: Prosecutor talking to judge: Democracy was attacked... it was an assault on the democratic process.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:05 AM: That concludes victim testimony in Loughner case

@CoreyABC15 at 11:04 AM: Mark Kelly: you have

decades upon decades to contemplate what you did... after this moment gabby & i are done thinking about you

@CoreyABC15 at 11:04 AM: Mark Kelly: mr loughner you may have put a bullet thru her head but you have not but a dent in her commitment to make world a better place

@CoreyABC15 at 11:03 AM: Mark Kelly: gabby & i give thanks for her life and spirit... despite what you have done

@CoreyABC15 at 11:03 AM: Mark Kelly: gabby was a courageous member of congress... a champion for her constituents. one of them was you.

@CoreyABC15 at 11:01 AM: Giffords has not stopped staring at Loughner as she stands beside her husband

@CoreyABC15 at 10:59 AM: Mark Kelly: you tried to create a world as dark and evil as your own. know this: you failed.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:59 AM: Mark Kelly: gabby struggles to walk, right arm paralyzed, partially blind. gabby works harder in one minute... than most of us in a day

@CoreyABC15 at 10:58 AM: Mark Kelly: her life (giffords) has been forever changed, plans she had for our family & her career have been immeasurably altered.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:57 AM: Giffords is staring directly at Loughner while her husband talks to Loughner

@CoreyABC15 at 10:57 AM: Mark Kelly: Gabby would trade her own life to bring back anyone you murdered that day

@CoreyABC15 at 10:56 AM: Mark Kelly (directly looking at Loughne)r: for the 1st & last time you're going to hear what you took away from me & gabby...

@CoreyABC15 at 10:56 AM: Mark Kelly will now speak. Giffords IS back in court & by his side. its the first time Loughner has seen her since shooting

@KatieRaml at 10:56 AM: Loughners mother covers face in tears when barber says I hold no animosity to you.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:53 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: now you must pay the price.... i am full agreement of plea agreement (life sentence)

@CoreyABC15 at 10:52 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: i believe your behavior before the shooting should have alerted others you needed mental health treatment

@KatieRaml at 10:51 AM: Barber says... you did not take her (gabby) now "the whole world knows her" and what she stood for and her civility.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:51 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: we saw the courage of strangers who came to our aid & skilled doctors who saved our lives

@CoreyABC15 at 10:50 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: you did not diminish her (giffords) one bit.

@KatieRaml at 10:49 AM: "I watched my dearest colleague die at my side" - ron barber

@CoreyABC15 at 10:49 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: congresswoman giffords apparently was your initial target. we're all thankful she survived.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:48 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: my family suffered greatly and our lives were forever changed. six families lost loved ones.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:48 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: ... the first was on that fateful morning.... that was a day that shocked our community & broke our hearts

@CoreyABC15 at 10:47 AM: Congressman Ron Barber: (looking directly at loughner) this is only the 3rd time i have seen you... last time was at hearing ...

@CoreyABC15 at 10:44 AM: Pam Simon: with this sentencing of jared loughner, a chapter will close but the book will remain open for each of us

@CoreyABC15 at 10:43 AM: Pam Simon: it is my hope your parents can eventually find some peace.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:43 AM: Pam Simon: you remind us of the failure of our society for not providing adequate health care.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:42 AM: Pam Simon: i know you did not chose this illness that led to this horrific tragedy (Simon looking directly at Loughner)

@CoreyABC15 at 10:41 AM: Pam Simon: my friend & congresswoman has been an inspiration to me & the rest of the world

@CoreyABC15 at 10:41 AM: Pam Simon: it has been a time of loss... healing from 2 gun shot wounds...at times it felt like crawling through glass

@CoreyABC15 at 10:40 AM: Suzi Hileman hugged Mavy Stoddard as she returned to her seat

@CoreyABC15 at 10:39 AM: Each of Jared Loughner's parents has someone's arm wrapped around them as they cry listening to testimony

@CoreyABC15 at 10:38 AM: Mavy Stoddard: your family is not blame & i want them to know that i put no responsibility on them

@CoreyABC15 at 10:37 AM: Mavy Stoddard:" i forgive you. i do not hate you i hate the act you performed. "

@CoreyABC15 at 10:37 AM: Mavy Stoddard: the horror you caused touch so many others... lives were changed including your own

@CoreyABC15 at 10:36 AM: Mavy Stoddard: I'm really sorry you didn't have all that my family had.... but that gave you no right to take what we had

@CoreyABC15 at 10:36 AM: Mavy Stoddard: can you even imagine the hurt & loss that we've suffered? can you even think about it?

@CoreyABC15 at 10:35 AM: Mavy Stoddard: i am so lonesome. i hate living without him... you did this b/c you wanted to

@CoreyABC15 at 10:35 AM: Mavy Stoddard: i believe he heard him say 'i love you' ... it was about 10 minutes later... i passed out after you shot me 3 times

@CoreyABC15 at 10:34 AM: Stoddard is also looking directly

at Loughner while talking to him

@CoreyABC15 at 10:34 AM: Mavy Stoddard: when you shot him he was saving my life... you gave him no chance.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:33 AM: Mavy Stoddard: jared when you took my precious husband you ruined my whole life.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:32 AM: Betty Jean Schneck: Loughner has been allowed to plead for his life. no one there was given a choice of whether they wanted to live or die

@CoreyABC15 at 10:31 AM: Betty Jean Schneck: personally, the joy has been torn out of my life b/c of this (Schneck's mother was killed)

@KatieRaml at 10:31 AM: Gabby reaches... and waves for each victim as they leave stand.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:30 AM: Mary Reed: i am praying for him & i hope he thinks of me daily.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:30 AM: Loughner's parents are looking down, mother is crying during testimony.

@KatieRaml at 10:29 AM: "He ended my children's childhood" - victim mary reed

@CoreyABC15 at 10:29 AM: Mary Reed: Mr. Loughner is only 4 years older than my daughter & i am heartbroken for his parents.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:29 AM: Mary Reed: he ended my children's sense of safety in the world... for that there is no sense of justice.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:28 AM: Mary Reed: my children will forever remember the smell of blood...

@CoreyABC15 at 10:28 AM: Mary Reed: that day mr. loughner not only shot me he put an end to my children's childhood

@KatieRaml at 10:27 AM: "I will walk out of this courtroom and NEVER think of YOU again" - Hileman.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:26 AM: Suzi Hileman: i will walk out of this courtroom and walk into the rest of my life.

@KatieRaml at 10:25 AM: Suzy Hileman first to address Loughner directly. "We brought children. YOU brought a gun!"

@CoreyABC15 at 10:25 AM: Suzi Hileman: you pointed a weapon as me and shot me three times. you turned a civics lesson into a nightmare

@CoreyABC15 at 10:25 AM: Suzi Hileman: you were a gun... we've been told about your demons... it's a terrible saga. parents, school, community all failed you.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:24 AM: Suzi Hileman looks directly at jared loughner while talking to him

@CoreyABC15 at 10:23 AM: Giffords only made it through one of the victim's testimony, Patricia Maisch, before she left.

@KatieRaml at 10:20 AM: Loughner barely blinks as he watches the victims speak.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:20 AM: Giffords husband, Mark Kelly, remains in courtroom

@CoreyABC15 at 10:19 AM: Giffords looked down as she left, it's unclear why she walked out.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:18 AM: Gabby Giffords just walked out of the courtroom

@CoreyABC15 at 10:17 AM: Patricia Maisch: jared took their lives & bodies from us but he cannot take their spirits

@KatieRaml at 10:17 AM: "Real justice is impossible"- victim Patricia Maisch

@CoreyABC15 at 10:15 AM: Patricia Maisch: i need him to remember every day what he did, to remember 6 people he murdered that day.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:14 AM: Patricia Maisch: my emotional scars are apart of me.... do not expect to get closure... here today to witness justice for victims.

@KatieRaml at 10:13 AM: Victims about to speak in court.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:13 AM: Loughner declines to make a statement in court. Now moving to victims.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:11 AM: Judge agrees with doctor and finds Loughner is competent to proceed.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:11 AM: Based on courtroom setting, it is unlikely Loughner will see Giffords until she walks up with her husband, Mark Kelly, if they speak.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:10 AM: Doctors tells judge she feels Loughner IS competent to proceed with today's sentencing.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:08 AM: Gabby Giffords, sitting next to her husband, is looking over trying to get a glimpse of Loughner.

@CoreyA BC15 at 10:06 AM: Doctor who has examined Loughner now testifying on his mental status.

@KatieRaml at 10:06 AM: Gabby sits the highest in the room to see Loughner. Intense.

@CoreyABC15 at 10:04 AM: All attention on Loughner who just arrived in court. He's wearing a dark dress shirt.

@KatieRaml at 10:04 AM: All rise for the Judge...

@KatieRaml at 10:01 AM: Mark Kelly's 2 daughters sit next to Gabby.... The sketch artist begins to draw Mark...

@KatieRaml at 9:59 AM: Victim Suzy Hileman sits behind Mark Kelly and Gabby.

@KatieRaml at 9:58 AM: I will be the closest person to Jared Loughner besides his attorneys. About 10 feet away.

@KatieRaml at 9:55 AM: The sketch artist sits to my left in the jury box. He draws Gabby... As she studies the room.

@KatieRaml at 9:54 AM: Hush has fallen on courtroom...

@KatieRaml at 9:51 AM: HISTORIC MOMENT: first time in Dist of Az that tweeting and texting is allowed in courtroom for media

Jared Loughner hearing is being held in the largest courtroom available. Loughner's parents are here. Loughner has not arrived yet.

@KatieRaml at 9:48 AM: Inside the courtroom with Tucson shooting victims... Including Gabby. Waiting for Loughner. What a moment...

@KatieRaml at 9:47 AM: Mark Kelly sits beside Gabby... At the outside of the aisle.

Ron Barber waits one row ahead of them.

@KatieRaml at 9:45 AM: Victim James Tucker stands next to victim Kenneth Dorushka.... While the room has the rumble of conversation.

@KatieRaml at 9:41 AM: I am in the courtroom. Victims are locked in hugs. Gabby looks radiant and ready.

@CoreyABC15 at 8:58 AM: Jared Loughner's attorney just arrived. I saw prosecutors earlier. Hearing scheduled to start at 10am.

@CoreyABC15 at 8:40 AM: Several Tucson shooting victims just arrived at courthouse for Jared Loughner sentencing.

@CoreyABC15 at 8:35 AM: There's a line of @ 20 people waiting to get into Jared Loughner 10am sentencing, will have to go thru metal detector

The hearing marks the first chance for victims to confront Jared Lee Loughner in court since his January 2011 attack at a Giffords political event outside a Tucson, Ariz., grocery store.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty three months ago to 19 federal charges under an agreement that guarantees he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. The deal calls for the dismissal of 30 other charges and a sentence of seven consecutive life terms, followed by 140 years in prison.

Both sides reached the deal after a judge declared that Loughner was able to understand the charges against him. After the shooting, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and underwent forcible psychotropic drug treatments.

Some victims, including Giffords, welcomed the deal as a way to move on. It spared victims and their families from having to go through a potentially lengthy and traumatic trial and locks up the defendant for life.

"He has to pay the consequences for what he did, and justice will be served," Hileman said.

Judy Clarke, Loughner's lead attorney, didn't return messages seeking comment.

Christina Pietz, the court-appointed psychologist who treated Loughner, had warned that although Loughner was competent to plead guilty, he remained severely mentally ill and his condition could deteriorate under the stress of a trial.

When Loughner first arrived at a Missouri prison facility for treatment, he was convinced Giffords was dead, even though he was shown a video of the shooting. He eventually realized she was alive after he was forcibly medicated.

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