Super Bowl ad shot in Arizona causing controversy

TUCSON, AZ - A Super Bowl ad shot in Arizona hasn't hit the air yet but there's an effort to boycott it.

Skechers, a shoe company, shot the commercial at the Tucson Greyhound Park last year to promote running shoes.

But the Greyhound animal rights group, GREY2K USA , worries the ad will glamorize what it calls a cruel and inhumane sport that puts the dogs at risk of severe injuries during high speed races.

It also claims the greyhounds at the Tucson park are kept in poor conditions when they're not on the track.

"If you can imagine greyhounds in chicken coops - that's what you've got. Inside these warehouses greyhounds are kept in stacked cages. This is no way to treat a dog," said Christine Dorchak, co-founder of GREY2K USA.

Dorchak said nearly 115,000 people have signed an online petition trying to pressure NBC to pull the ad.

Tom Taylor, the park's CEO, denies any abuse and, despite the size of the cages, they were scientifically designed for greyhounds.

"There is no abuse. There is no abuse. They want to end greyhound racing. As long as I keep racing, I can't say anything to them," Taylor said.

As of now, the 30-second commercial is still scheduled to debut shortly before halftime on Super Bowl Sunday.

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