Jared Loughner sentencing: Mark Kelly sits down with Diane Sawyer after emotional sentencing

TUCSON, AZ - Congresswoman Gaby Gifford's husband Mark Kelly was in the Arizona courtroom with his wife when Jared Loughner was sentenced Thursday .

Kelly read a statement from his wife and afterwards he spoke with ABC News' Diane Sawyer.

Sawyer asked Kelly if the sentencing was upsetting to Giffords and he said "It was difficult. She said she was sad during a lot of the testimony and the victims' impact statements. It's also tough to face somebody that did such a horrific crime in her case to her. But she's a tough woman. I'm incredibly proud of her. She stood up tall there as I read her statement and I'm very proud of her."

When Sawyer asked what Kelly saw when he stared into Loughner's eyes, Kelly said "I saw a person who certainly has major mental illness, but also somebody that knew where he was and why he was there and was a little bit defiant I'd have to say in the way he was looking at us and looking at Gabby. I got a sense he was trying to intimidate us, but he certainly wasn't able to do that, especially with my wife."

Kelly went on to say "You know, the goal is to move on and make the best of every day and not focus on the past. And this is now in our past which is a nice thing. It does feel like some sense of resolution. I can guarantee you we will not be spending a lot of time thinking about Jared Loughner."

See the full interview below:

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