Hollinger Elementary teacher tapes girl to chair in Tucson

TUCSON, AZ - Police are investigating an incident in Tucson where a teacher allegedly taped a second grader to a chair for sharpening her pencil too many times.

According to KGUN9 News, the family of the student, Mia Kramer, is outraged that this happened at Hollinger Elementary.

The report said Mia walked up to the pencil sharpener "too many times" last week, which upset her teacher.

The teacher then used a strip of wide tape, similar to packing tape, around Mia's stomach and the back of the chair and another strip higher up, KGUN reported.

Mia's grandmother told KGUN that Mia has ADHD, but this was not the way to control a student.

Officials with the Tucson Unified School District told KGUN the teacher has been removed from the classroom as police investigate further.

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