Fatal Tucson mobile home fire: One man killed in Tucson mobile home fire

TUCSON - Northwest Fire District firefighters believe a cigarette may be to blame in a deadly fire that happened overnight in Tucson.

One man who was partially paralyzed perished after his mobile home caught fire and crews were unable to rescue him due to the high flames and thick smoke, said Captain Adam Goldberg, Northwest Fire Department. The fire is believed to have been started because a cigarette wasn't extinguished correctly or perhaps the victim fell asleep while smoking.

The fire consumed nearly half of the mobile home when crews arrived on scene, said Goldberg. Two crews responded to the fire and were able to get it under control within 25 minutes.

The victim was located in the back bedroom area of the home. They believe a medical condition and limited mobility may have contributed to his inability to escape the fire, said Goldberg.

A smoke detector was found on scene, but was severely damaged in the fire, said Goldberg.

Fire officials ruled the mobile home to be a total loss, said Goldberg.





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