Arizona charity Casa Maria Free Kitchen turns down Walmart donation

TUCSON, AZ - The head of a Tucson Catholic charity is saying no to a $2,000 donation from Walmart.

Brian Flagg oversees Casa Maria Free Kitchen. He tells the Arizona Daily Star that he turned down the money because of the company's effect on the community's small businesses and its low wages. He says he considers the donation "blood money."

Flagg says this is the first time Casa Maria has turned down a donation.

When Walmart opened its newest Tucson store last month, it noted that several charities would receive a combined $15,000 from the company as part of the celebration. Casa Maria was among the charities listed.

Walmart said in a statement that its pay and benefits typically meet or exceed what's offered by its competitors and that the company has donated more than $345,000 to Tucson organizations since 2009.