Yarnell residents pile up sand bags to prevent flooding

YARNELL, AZ - Yarnell residents are just picking up the pieces after a devastating wildfire tore through their town.

And now they're facing a new threat.

Monsoons could bring torrential flash flooding to land that's more vulnerable than ever.

Some rain showers over the last few days sent ash runoff down the mountain. Yavapai County  emergency officials say the soil is not absorbing water like it should, and flooding is a major concern.

So residents are trying to protect what they haven't lost with thousands of sand bags.

The fire stopped just yards from Linda Buschman's house, but some of her neighbors weren't as lucky.

"The houses were cremated and there's nothing left," she said.

Linda's house is safe for now, but ominous rain clouds over Yarnell could bring another blow to residents.

"This was completely covered with all the sludge," Linda said, pointing across her yard. "It looked like dark chocolate pudding, and a waterfall coming off the mountain."

With more rain, these muddy runoffs could do more damage across residents' yards and homes.

So residents and emergency crews piled up 17,000 sand bags across Yarnell-- lining properties and houses.

But Linda worries nothing will protect her home from the boulders above that could cause a landslide.

"They've been there for a while. I don't think they'll go ... hopefully won't go anywhere. I beat the fire, I don't want a boulder in my house," she said.

Linda just keeps her eyes on the sky, hoping for the best.

"We've done everything we can, and I just hope it's a gentle rain. Not what we had yesterday," Linda said.

Emergency officials have set up sand bag stations across town where residents can pick up sand bags and prepare their homes for monsoon storms.

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