Yarnell Fire update: Mixed emotions as evacuees return home

YARNELL, AZ - A week of waiting came to an end for the people of Yarnell as they were finally cleared to return home.

Monday's homecoming was met with mixed emotions as more than 100 families finally saw firsthand how the Yarnell Hill Fire flattened their homes.

The flames hop-scotched through town leaving some buildings untouched and others destroyed.

Ashes are all that's left of George and Eve DeLang's summer home, their art collection and handmade mementos are all gone.

"The shingles were laying there on the ground, but when you stepped on them, poof, they were gone," said Eve.

The couple was insured and is already talking to contractors about how soon they can rebuild, but Eve knows the landscape is forever changed.

"It used to be when we looked out our back door and sat on the porch back there, you could look out and see all those trees and greenery. All you see now is devastation," she said.

Others, like Terry Ciezski got lucky when the fire skipped his neighborhood. But he says there's still work to do. He'll spend the next several days airing out his home thanks to extensive smoke damage.

Robert Amos also found his home still intact, but says most of his friends don't have a home anymore so he'll be reaching out to make sure everyone is taken care of.

"We're gonna ban together and get our community back as soon as we can" said Robert.

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