Yarnell Fire: Paramedics sent to deadly fire now helping families

YARNELL, AZ - The flight paramedics who rushed to the Yarnell Hill Fire in hopes of taking the 19 firefighters to the hospital are selling T-shirts to raise money for the families of the fallen.

"I just had this overwhelming sense of frustration that I wasn't able to help," said flight paramedic Matt Maxwell. "We were there with all of this medical equipment to do our job, and it just didn't matter."

Maxwell told ABC15 that he and his partner decided to design a T-shirt to help raise money for the firefighters' families soon after they learned about their deaths.

After six hours of work, the design was completed and the shirts are now in production.

Orders can be made on their website , and donations can also be placed.

"These were guys we work with," said Maxwell. "It was horrible."

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