Spring Valley students at Mayer High School arrested for marijuana at school

SPRING VALLEY, AZ - Three Mayer High School students from Spring Valley were arrested Tuesday for possession of marijuana in a school zone.

According to a report from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, a School Resource Officer (SRO) tracked the Mayer High School students, ages 14,15 and 16, after learning marijuana, hidden inside a musical instrument case, was being transported on a school bus.

The SRO later discovered the students in the process of drying out marijuana plants under a bridge not far from the school.

According to the report, all three students were arrested and booked into the Prescott Juvenile Detention Center.

An additional student, age 17, was arrested on Wednesday for supplying marijuana plants to the students previously arrested and agreeing to pay them to dry the plants out for future sales.

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