Officer-involved shooting in Naco, Arizona area leaves man injured

NACO, AZ - Authorities say a man who fled from southern Arizona police officers is in custody and being treated for a gunshot wound.

The officer-involved shooting took place Tuesday night in the Naco area near the U.S.-Mexico line. Earlier Tuesday, a Border Patrol agent was shot to death and another wounded in the same area.

Cochise County Sheriff's spokeswoman Carol Capas says the situation began when Bisbee Police attempted to pull over a man riding a motorcycle on Naco Highway.

According to a press release, police observed the motorcyclist  following a woman in a vehicle so they attempted the traffic stop.

The motorcyclist reportedly pointed his motorcycle towards an officer who was standing outside of his vehicle on the side of the road and began riding towards him.

The officer fired two shots at the motorcyclist who then rode off into a nearby residential area.

Capas says authorities later received a call about an injured man at a Douglas home. Bisbee police identified the man as the motorcyclist.

The man was later released and police are expected to press charges against him.

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