MCSO: Minuteman, Richard Malley, arrested for pointing rifle at deputy

GILA BEND, AZ - Authorities arrested an Arizona Minuteman for allegedly pointing a rifle at a deputy over the weekend.

According to court paperwork, 49-year-old Richard Malley and two other men who are part of the Minuteman militia were patrolling the desert just east of Gila Bend, along Interstate 8, Saturday night.

Two Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were checking nearby mile posts often used for drug trafficking when they came across mile post 140, court papers said.

When the deputies pulled up to the area, they reportedly flashed their high beams and honked their horn.

Court papers say Malley thought a crime was occurring when the deputies showed up, so he felt the right to flash his rifle and a flashlight at one of the deputies.

The deputy verbally identified himself as law enforcement, but Malley continued to point his rifle and asked the deputy to show identification, court documents said.

Malley then identified himself as a militia Minuteman but said he did not carry any identification, because he feared cartel members would learn his identity, according to court papers.

The deputy then showed Malley his patches, badge and the word "sheriff" across his chest.

He then asked Malley to surrender his weapon, and Malley replied, "You aren't taking my weapons."

The deputy then said he would wait for additional units to arrive before taking anyone's weapons.

Malley was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail for aggravated assault. His bond is set for $10,000.

Both deputies were wearing identifiable MCSO uniforms, according to court documents.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps brought thousands of anti-illegal immigration activists to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border and report suspected illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol.

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