GCSO: Man punches woman holding child, puppy

GLOBE, AZ - Surveillance video of a man repeatedly punching a mother as she holds her young child and a puppy has caught the attention of the Gila County Sheriff's Office.

GCSO Deputy Ronald Escobedo said officers arrested Jason Moss, the victim's estranged husband, Monday evening after a video surfaced showing him punching the woman twice in the face.

Watch the surveillance video of the attack below. [WARNING: May be unsettling for some viewers]

Escobedo said the incident happened around 10 a.m. Sunday at a home in Globe owned by the victim's current boyfriend.

According to Escobedo, Moss showed up at the house and got into an argument with the victim, which eventually moved outside where it was captured on surveillance video.

The woman was eventually able to leave the home and contacted police.

Video of the altercation was then posted on Facebook, drawing the attention of local authorities.

Escobedo said Moss could face disorderly conduct charges, assault charges and possibly endangerment charges.

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