Cochise County looking to find homes for 2 dogs from Douglas

DOUGLAS, AZ - Cochise County Animal Control is looking to find homes for two recently recovered dogs.

Rocky and Icis are available for adoption and have been at the animal shelter in Douglas, Ariz. for over two months.

Animal Control said they were both picked up after hearing reports of animal cruelty. When they were found, they showed signs of serious neglect, but they are now healthy.

Icis is a German Shepherd-pit bull mix and is two or three years old.

Rocky is a pit bull mix, and is three or four years old. Animal Control said he has a "snaggle tooth" that was caused when he broke his jaw and his past owners did not give him the treatment he needed. However, it doesn't affect his eating habits or cause him pain.

Animal Control said both dogs are very loving, good-tempered animals that get along great with people and other dogs.

The adoption fee for each dog is $10.

For more information call the animal shelter at 520-417-7567.

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