Child with autism wanders away from Balsz Elementary School in Phoenix

PHOENIX - A Valley mom wants answers after her 10-year-old son with autism wandered off school campus.

Miranda Gonzales says on Monday, September 9th her son, who is also non-verbal, was able to open a door and walk away from the Balsz Elementary School campus.

Another parent found the child in the street with only one shoe. The child was walking towards 44th Street and McDowell Road.

"It's upsetting, he doesn't have a sense of danger. Anything could have happened," said Gonzales.

Gonzales says she understands mistakes can happen. What she is concerned about is the fact she found out about the incident days later from another parent.

"I get a log about everything that happened during my child's day and I'm hurt that no one with the school bothered to tell me," said Gonzales.

The school says they are conducting a complete investigation as to how her son was able to get off campus and are working towards a resolution.

"The safety of our children is most important and we will do anything to make sure our children are safe," said Balsz Elementary spokesman Dr. Michael Harper. 

He says they are in constant contact with the Gonzales family and are trying to figure out where the breach in communication was.

It is part of the school's policy to immediately notify parents of any incident.

They are also installing a special door that has a delay and alarm that will go off immediately, alerting all teachers that a student is trying to get out.

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