'Hangover Part 3' turns Nogales, Arizona into Tijuana for movie?

NOGALES, AZ - A photo of a sign in Nogales , Ariz . reportedly for the upcoming movie "Hangover Part III" is getting a ton of attention on the internet Monday.

The photo uploaded on Imgur.com is of a sign that reads, "Tijuana: The Most Visited City in the World."

The person who posted the photo wrote, "Warner Brothers is changing up my hometown, Nogales Arizona, to look like Tijuana Mexico, for the filming of The Hangover Part 3."

The "bachelor party" movie franchise starring Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms was filming in Malibu, Calif. last week, according to a filming locations website.

Next up appears to be the southern Arizona border town of Nogales.

The film is set to hit theaters in May 2013, according to its IMDB webpage.

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