Teen mother talks about plot to cut and kidnap her baby from her womb

MARICOPA, AZ - A teenager talks for the first time of a bizarre and violent plot to cut and kidnap her unborn child from her womb.

Angelique's story goes back more than a year when she lived in Maricopa and a friend introduced her to Kassandra Toruga.

At the time, Angelique was pregnant with son Ryland and Toruga claimed she too was going to be a teenage mother.

"I had lost a lot of my friends when I became pregnant and it was a chance to hang out with someone, we would talk pregnancy together," said Angelique who asked us not to reveal her last name or her current location. "I never thought she was lying, I had no idea."

Angelique said Toruga had just moved to her town and the two freakishly had too much in common.

"I started to feel her life was mirroring mine, but then I also thought she just needed a lot of attention," Angelique said. "Her mother had died and I told my mother she was a little weird, but I didn't want to be mean."

On February 16, 2011Toruga called out of the blue and wanted to come for a visit, Angelique told us.

"It was like the never ending visit, I was getting tired and kept yawning, but Kassandra wouldn't leave and I didn't want to be rude," Angelique said.

The two girls talked, looked at ultrasound pictures, and painted their nails.

At one point Angelique says Toruga asked Angelique's mother about the c-section she had when she was pregnant, interested in how the doctors cut the baby out and got it to breathe.

"At the time it didn't seem odd, we were pregnant," Angelique said.

But as the day progressed, Angelique kept getting more and more uncomfortable with Kassandra's visit.

"She kept trying to get me alone," Angelique said.

"At one point she went to the bathroom and came out and was wet all over, she said 'I think my water broke, can you come with me to the hospital,'" Angelique recalled.

But when Angelique wanted to tell her mother where she would be, Kassandra became nervous and suddenly said it wasn't her water, but that she had peed herself.

"I thought okay, that happens. She asked to borrow some clothes."

Next, Kassandra told Angelique she had a bag of surprises for her, gifts for the baby.

"She told me to sit in the chair, turn my back and close my eyes, but I felt creeped out, I just kept looking over my shoulder and stretching, I just had a bad feeling," Angelique said.

While she sat there, the teen mother said Kassandra pulled out gifts: a onesie, socks, booties, then an expensive baby carrier.

"I said this is $200, I can't accept this, but she kept saying she had another one at home, telling me she got a lot of money when her mother died," Angelique explained.

Angelique said Toruga told her the last gift was a nursery ceiling light and she needed it to be dark to show her.

Angelique hesitated, but followed Toruga into her bedroom where she said Toruga told her she was turning off the lights.

"I sat on the edge of the bed not wanting to turn away. She got on the bed behind me and had her hand on my shoulder," Angelique explained. "At that point I was so scared, I put my mother's number on my phone and held it to my chest, my gut feeling was that she was going to stab me."

Angelique said she quickly got up and nervously lit a candle as escape.

She said she then went to the kitchen and called out to Kassandra to follow her for something to eat.

"I thought I was going crazy and I watched her go back and forth in my room."

When Angelique returned to her bedroom she said she smelled smoke and noticed the candle was out, but the smoke smell became stronger and she soon found one side of her closet on fire.

"I'm nine months pregnant and I'm running for water to put it out and Kassandra's just standing there," Angelique said.

When paramedics arrived and were taking Toruga to the hospital for smoke inhalation, Angelique said she grabbed the bag Toruga had brought with her to give to paramedics.

But just before she handed it to them, she looked inside and found two kitchen butcher knives and a pair of scissors.

Unable to hold back her tears and emotion Angelique recalled how she felt.

"I never have good instincts and to know that my instincts were right told me that God was on my side," she said.

According to court documents ABC15 obtained in March 2011, Toruga allegedly admitted her intent to kill Angelique and steal her unborn baby during an interview with an arson investigator.

Court documents also showed mental illness may be to blame for Toruga's alleged plot, as she suffers from schizophrenia.

"The confession made things more real," Angelique told us. "I forgive her because I know she's sick, but I'm still afraid she'll come back to finish the job."

In December 2011 Kassandra Toruga pleaded "guilty except insane" to the crimes.

Angelique says she will be at Toruga's sentencing this month to confront her.

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