Flooding backs up Maricopa sewage

MARICOPA, AZ - Officials are reporting the City of Maricopa received approximately 1.5 inches of rain Tuesday.

The heavy rainfall prompted closed roads due to flash flooding. 

At 7 a.m. on Tuesday, road crews reported a large amount of water in the Tortosa Northwest area of Dalli lane and Madrid. The water is runoff from the Sacaton Mountains which travels through the Casa Blanca drainage channel. Water had begun to flow down Dalli lane towards a large water retention area. 

Officials said approximately four homes in the area were directly affected.

The heavy water accumulation caused a backup of the sewage system, overwhelming the pumping station responsible for the area. Global Water is in the area going door to door checking houses for any related problems.    

"It's as bad as it's ever been," said resident Mark Green. "When it rained last week it flooded the street but didn't get up to our garage like this time."

"They are talking about three or four days more of rain and if it comes to Tucson or Casa Grande, it will get here even if it's dry here," said resident Steve Speck.

Access to the area is being restricted. Maricopa Police, Maricopa Fire and the Public works division are working closely together to keep the area clear and advise people to stay out of the water retention areas.

Due to forecasts for additional rain in the area, as well as financial and resources assistance, Mayor Christian Price has declared a state of emergency.

The Red Cross has been asked by emergency management officials to be ready to open a shelter for anyone displaced by flooding in the town of Maricopa.

Anyone who needs shelter can go to Maricopa Wells Middle School located at:

45725 W. Honeycutt Ave., Maricopa

If you need help, please call 800-842-7349 or go to Maricopa Wells Middle School.

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