Robbery victim receives help from strangers

MARICOPA, AZ - A Maricopa man who was beaten and robbed in a home invasion may have found renewed faith after a total stranger reaches out to help him.
Melquaides Herrera was robbed last week in his meek trailer home in Maricopa.  The senior citizen, on a fixed income, broke down while telling his story.

He said one of the thieves apologized to him telling him they were robbing him because they were hungry.
Herrera had to be transported to a hospital for his injuries.
A Scottsdale woman saw the story on ABC15, and felt compelled to do something.
"It took my breath away," said Caroline Vega. "I could feel his pain."
Vega gathered a few groceries and some money and headed to Maricopa to give Herrera a care package and a gesture to let him know that people do care.
ABC15 with the help of Maricopa Police arranged for the two to meet.
"It is unusual," said Maricopa Police spokesperson Ricardo Alvarado. "She took the time to come all the way from Scottsdale and be late for work just to help him."
Another viewer also sent him a check. That viewer wanted to remain anonymous.
Police do not have a description of the suspects.  They believe Herrera was randomly targeted.
Police are looking into the possibility there could be other crimes connected to the home invasion suspects.

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