Near-drowning makes family closer this Christmas

MARICOPA, AZ - For most of us Christmas is all about the gifts,  having good food, or getting a much needed break from work. But for one Valley family, this Christmas is much more because of a close call during a family outing.

Last June, four year old Ariza Valenzuela was found Head down in her community pool in Maricopa. Her father Justo Valenzuela was out getting food when he got the call.

"I was walking out a little Caesars with the pizzas in my hand. That's when i got the call get here fast and that's all I knew."

Ariza's aunt started performing CPR until paramedics arrived. Doctors say if it weren't for her quick reaction, she may not have survived.

"I know she was under for six minutes that's what The hospital determined through blood work they say."

Doctors told Justo that six minutes under water usually means the worst. At best, a child cannot walk or talk, but somehow, Ariza survived with no lasting effects.

For Justo, it's made him not take any moment with his daughter for granted, especially after the shooting massacre in Newtown.

"I can't imagine the parents in Connecticut with everything that just happened.  They have to spend their Christmas looking at the children's gifts I'm grateful I was able to be there with my child. My heart goes out to them because I couldn't imagine what Id be feeling how id be feeling today."

Ariza and her three siblings are spending this Christmas at their grandmas tonight. We wish them and everyone a very merry Christmas

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