Owners claim black chow-mix found this week

FLORENCE, AZ - The owners of a black chow-mix found unconscious near San Tan Valley on Thursday went to the Pinal County Animal Care & Control to claim their dog, according to a Pinal County press release.  

Midnight's owners searched their neighborhood Thursday evening after she accidentally escaped while they were unloading their car.

But by that time, Animal Control Officers had already picked her up off the streets.

The owners explained that Midnight was found wearing a muzzle because she suffers from anxiety that causes her to be destructive when left alone for extended periods of time. 

The 15-year-old dog suffered from severe heat distress, which was only exacerbated by her age, black fur and inability to drink due to the muzzle. Since her rescue, Midnight's condition has improved.

According to Animal Control Director Kaye Dickson, the owners paid for the veterinary care they provided and have already taken her to her regular vet for follow-up care. 

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