Joseph Wood execution: Victims' family says they've waited 25 years to get justice

FLORENCE, AZ - Arizona inmate Joseph Wood gasped for more than an hour and a half during his execution Wednesday before he died from a lethal injection.

Jeanne Brown has been waiting 25 years to watch the man who took the lives of her sister and father pay for what he did.

Wood was convicted in 1991 for killing his estranged girlfriend Debra Dietz and her father Eugene Dietz in Tucson.

Jeanne, Debra's sister and Eugene's daughter witnessed the execution.

"It took too long. It's ridiculous. 25 years later for this to go through," said Jeanne.

"The last time I was that close to him was when I watched him shoot my sister-in-law to death," said Jeanne's husband Richard.

An image that's still vivid as the two watched Wood lie unconscious, restrained and gasping for air.

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"You know what's excruciating, is seeing your dad and sister lying in a pool of blood. This man deserved it. He deserved everything he had coming to him," said Jeanne.

And while Wood's execution gives them closure, they say it doesn't bring back what they lost.

Right now there are 119 people on death row in Arizona.

And the Browns want people to remember they, along with dozens of other families who lost loved ones to those murders, are the true victims and the focus should not be on convicted killers.

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