Couple: Dog being shown was stolen from them

CASA GRANDE, AZ - Lexi a blue-nosed pit bull is happily reunited with her family after being stolen two months ago. 

Kenny Erickson's pit bulls hold a special place in his heart, but his heart was broken when he came home from work in early May.  

"My one pit bull came up to me, but she (Lexi) didn't. I ran around looking for her, and found where someone grabbed her out of my yard on the side of the house," he said.

Lexi, his four-month-old, blue-nosed puppy was missing.

Kenny and his girlfriend Ashley searched their neighborhood, posting flyers but there was no sign of Lexi for two months.

"Someone called us and told us they knew of somebody who was trying to get rid of a pit bull and the description matched pretty closely to ours," Ashley said.

The pair made a phone call, and went over to the seller's house.

"We acted like we were just one of those people looking for a dog. Not that our dog was stolen," she said.

That's when the woman let them in on her secret. She told the couple that she had stolen the dog.

Kenny and Ashley then took action by calling Florence police and having them approach the woman about their stolen dog.

"Now she's being charged with a couple different counts and stuff. I want it to be known that if you get caught, which you will, you're going to get prosecuted," he said.

Now that Lexi is home with her rightful owners, they say they are keeping a much better eye on her.

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