Babeu's ex-boyfriend did work for Sheriff's politician brother

FLORENCE, AZ - The ex-boyfriend of Sheriff Paul Babeu worked on a campaign website for the sheriff's politician brother and was paid for the work, according to records obtained by the ABC15 Investigators.

In 2010, Shaun Babeu was elected a Pinal County justice of the peace.

Campaign finance records show, during his campaign, he paid Jose Garcia Orozco $79 for "website registration" services.

Shaun Babeu did not return a call and message seeking comment.

Orozco, a Mexican citizen, is at the center of a controversy involving Sheriff Babeu after a local newspaper reported that Orozco claimed that Babeu threatened to deport him if he came out with information about their relationship.

Babeu said that Orozco volunteered work for his campaign website and then continued to access the site and other social media pages without his permission.

The services that Orozco provided for Shaun and Paul Babeu on their campaign are raising questions about whether Orozco was allowed to do the work.

In an interview with CNN, Orozco said that he is currently in the United States on a 10-year tourist visa.

But multiple immigration attorneys told ABC15 that visitors on tourist visas, in most cases, are not allowed to receive pay for any sort of work while they are in the country.

They also are only allowed to be in the country for limited periods of time and must renew their tourist visas every six months.

Babeu and Orozco have said that the two carried on a relationship for several years, ending in 2010.

Orozco and his attorneys did not agree to an interview request.

However, in an e-mail received by ABC15 late Wednesday, his attorney said they will release a statement on Thursday.

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