Rain, floods damage cars and homes in Casa Grande

CASA GRANDE, AZ - Powerful rains and floods fizzled out the fireworks and celebrations of many neighborhoods in southern Arizona.

Wet Fourth of July weather filled dozens of homes with flood waters in and around Casa Grande.

Sandra Hetrick and her husband Jim will be drying and cleaning their Arizona City home for the next few days. All of their rooms were filled with a few inches of water by the Wednesday storms.

"It poured in from underneath our floor and walls," Jim said.

The Hetrick's floors and carpets are now a muddy mess and the power is out to part of their home. They had only recently moved into their home.

Neighbors of theirs who have lived in Arizona City for a while told ABC15 this is the third time in the past several years the area has been flooded by monsoon rains.

Neighbors said Pinal County officials had tried find a permanent fix to the flooding, and so far have not been successful.

In other parts of Pinal County, several cars became stuck in washed out sections of road and had to be pulled out. Fast moving water ran across many streets. Dozens were closed for safety precautions. 

No injuries were reported from the weather.

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