Pro-life group claims Phoenix abortion clinic broke law

PHOENIX - An anti-abortion group claims to have caught a worker at Phoenix abortion clinic on undercover video taking a woman's application for an abortion even after learning her motives may be illegal.

The videotape shows a woman walking into what she claims is the Camelback Family Planning clinic at 32nd Street and Indian School in Phoenix.

She can be seen on the tape informing the woman behind the counter that she wants to terminate the pregnancy because of the gender.

"Um, don't tell us that," the worker can be heard on the tape saying to the woman. "We don't want to know."

According to the undercover footage, the worker goes on to explain to the woman that in order for them to perform the abortion, she needs to conceal her motives for having the procedure based on gender.

"Just don't let it be known," the worker is heard saying on the tape.

Live Action, a pro-life group based out of San Jose, recorded and distributed the video they say was taken in Phoenix.

Live Action also went undercover at an abortion clinic in Tucson and claim to have received a similar response.

"This group is a radical anti-abortion group," said State Representative Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs opposed Arizona's gender based abortion law, calling it unnecessary.

"I don't think it's an issue," said Rep. Hobbs. "There are not sex selection abortions being performed. This woman clearly went in looking for one. I don't think people do that."

Live Action twice promised ABC15 an interview for this story on Wednesday but failed to follow through.

Reached by phone, a representative for the Camelback Family Planning declined to comment.

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