Neighbor: Man in custody for Casa Grande explosion 'never said anything terroristic'

COOLIDGE, AZ - A neighbor of the man in custody for detonating an explosive device in Casa Grande tells ABC15 he didn't do it.

The device went off early Friday morning at the office of the Social Security Administration.

The FBI is reportedly questioning a 47-year-old Abdullatif Aldosary in connection with the blast.

However, neighbor Swannee Welsh is standing by Aldosary.

"I don't believe it, not for a minute," Welsh said.

Welsh has lived in the same Coolidge neighborhood as Aldosary for the past four years. The two struck up a friendship early on and have remained close to this day.

"If you speak to him, he's perfectly friendly, laughing, smiling and cordial," said Welsh.

Welsh told ABC15 that Aldosary worked as a day laborer near the Social Security Administration building in Casa Grande.

Early Friday morning, someone detonated an explosive device near the SSA office's back door.

A short time later, Welsh says federal agents took Aldosary into custody at his home in Coolidge.

"As soon as they ran his license plate and said 'Oh my God, he's an Iraqi man, I think that's all they needed to come over here," Welsh said.

A spokesperson for the FBI wouldn't confirm whether investigators are questioning Aldosary in connection with the blast.

A check of Aldosary's criminal history shows he spent nearly 8 months in prison back in 2009 for aggravated harassment.

Welsh, however, doesn't believe he committed a crime this time.

"If it turns out he did it I'll be the most shocked person in the world because I can't believe he would do anything like that," Welsh said. "He was not an angry person."

Because of that, Welsh believes investigators have the wrong man in custody.

"I can't see why he would have any animosity to the Social Security Administration, they have nothing to do with his affairs," Welsh said.

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