Judge: Pinal County bombing suspect Abdullatif Aldosary a 'danger'

PHOENIX, AZ - The man accused of trying to blow up a government building in Casa Grande was back in court Wednesday afternoon.

Unlike his first appearance, however, this time 47-year-old Abdullatif Aldosary cooperated with his attorney and the judge.

During the hearing, the judge called Aldosary a danger and a flight risk while ordering him to remain in custody.

Aldosary was seen in court talking with his attorney which is different from Monday when he just stood in silence.

Aldosary is charged with attempting to destroy the Social Security Administration building in Casa Grande last Friday.

Prosecutors say Aldosary detonated an explosive device which caused damage near the building's back door.

Investigators searched his home in nearby Coolidge and claim they found hundreds of rounds of ammunition as well as gallons of chemicals used for making bombs.

Federal agents say they even found instructions on bomb making hidden behind a picture frame hanging on the wall.

Congressman Paul Gosar has an office not far from where the explosion happened in Casa Grande.

Rep. Gosar spoke with ABC15 by phone Wednesday about Aldosary's status as an Iraqi refugee.

"Instead of trying to integrate and be a productive citizen here, he is trying to destroy a building potentially harming and taking the lives of citizens in this country," said Rep. Gosar.

Aldosary is due back in court Tuesday, December 11th.

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