Former neo-Nazi running for sheriff in Pinal County

CASA GRANDE, AZ - A man once known for leading marches in Phoenix and passing out flyers on behalf of the National Socialist Movement is running for Pinal County Sheriff.

"It's time for a change and if people want the same thing, then they can have the same thing. I am here to make a difference and make this area safer," said J.T. Ready during an interview with ABC15 near Casa Grande.

Ready, a former neo-Nazi, ran for Mesa City Council in 2006 and was defeated.

"I had the most Hispanic voters in my corner (during the Mesa campaign) and I hope to do the same now, this is about all the people, not some people," said Ready.

Ready said he now lives in Pinal County and recently launched his campaign website .

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate groups in the United States, Ready is a white supremacist and the Anti-Defamation League has expressed concern over Ready's previous statements and actions.

"Those (SPLC & ADL) are the hate groups, look who funds them, I am all about first amendment rights, I am a champion for first amendment rights," said Ready.

Paul Babeu is the current Pinal County Sheriff and plans to run for Congress.

Ready said he has already been speaking with voters and helping people register to vote.

When asked if he is racist or about his ties to hate groups, Ready did not provide a clear response, instead addressing the SPLC and ADL.

"I have the blessing to have been in minority groups and know what it's like to have our civil rights challenged to know what it's like to have first amendment issues," said Ready.

In 2010 Ready was part of National Socialist Movement and distributed flyers on Cinco de Mayo calling on people to take part in "Report An Illegal Day" which he claimed was part of a plan to secure the border.

According to Ready, in his campaign, he wants to legalize marijuana and take on drug cartels.

Ready would not disclose his biggest financial or current political supporters in his campaign.

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