Did high school security guard go too far breaking up fight?

CASA GRANDE, AZ - A Casa Grande parent said a 30-second cell phone video is proof a high school security guard overstepped his boundaries and attacked his son.

“This is a grown man hitting my son,” said John Altamirano.

In the video, you can see two students fighting outside Vista Grande High School before classes on Wednesday morning. But Altamirano feels the video also shows the security guard repeatedly, and unnecessarily, hitting his son with a walkie talkie.

Altamirano also told ABC15 he feels the guard acted too rough with the student fighting his son.

“The security guard doesn't come in to break the fight up, in my opinion. You see him come in with a jump kick,” said Altamirano.

School principal Tim Hamilton told ABC15 he has seen several videos of the fight.

“We're concerned about the welfare of all our students and staff and we're going to take appropriate action,” said Hamilton.

Both the school and the Casa Grande Police Department are investigating the incident. Depending on the outcome, the guard could lose his job but as of now the school won’t comment on any possible action taken.

“Being a security guard is very difficult. They have to make decisions in split second. They don't have weeks or years to review a video and say ‘I should have done this or that.’ They have to react now,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said a decision on the guard’s future at the school could be announced as early as next week.

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