Arizonans offer ideas to help solve border issues

Inside of Medrano's Barber Shop the chatter isn't just talk, but rather politics between two men.

Jose Medrano and Raymond Wilson sit inside the shop and discuss the 59,000 immigrant children who illegally snuck into the United States this year, hoping for a better life.

Wilson is a retired Baptist pastor and preaches compassion, but believes the children need to be sent back.

"I have compassion for what need is there but when we aren't taking care of our own, then we can't take care of the world," Wilson said.

Medrano agrees. He has children himself.

Medrano believes that the United States has bigger problems in the country.

"We have enough need with people here that we need to address first," Medrano said.

He said the message parents are getting in foreign countries to send their kids to the U.S. needs to be washed away and replaced with a new look.


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