New ways to cut your smartphone bill

You may have seen the new TV ads for cell phone plans. The prices seem to be going down.
The key as always, is shopping around because some of these long-term plans are now getting some competition.
AT&T lowered single smartphone rates to $65 a month for voice, text, and 2 gigs of data.
Verizon recently cut the price of its Edge plan from $90 to $80 a month.
T-Mobile, which started the wars, has a simple choice plan with 1 gig of data for $50 a month.
Sprint's new family plan lets you add another member for as los as $25 a month, including data.
You can also save about $10 a month by dropping texting entirely, then using an app like "what's app" to send texts virtually free.
Not enough savings? Republic Wireless has a 25 dollar 3G unlimited plan. But, you have to buy their phone.
You can also consider a prepaid from Walmart's Straight talk or smaller carriers like Virgin or Boost Mobile.
And make sure when you're shopping for a plan, that you ask for EVERY plan they offer. Otherwise, they may not tell you about one that may suit you best.
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