Woman finds bird leg in unopened spinach bag

Shopper waiting for explanation from Dole

WADSWORTH, Ohio - An Ohio woman who eats a salad nearly every day and makes spinach smoothies, has lost her appetite for her favorite vegetable after making a "fowl" discovery.

Inside an unopened bag of Dole spinach, Rose Carducci, 28, found what appears to be the leg of a bird with feathers still attached.

"As I started looking some more, I saw what looked like nails, like talons and realized, 'Oh my Gosh, this is part of a bird' and I was horrified," Carducci said.

The mother of two children ordered her groceries online from Buehler's in Wadsworth on Monday.

She's grateful that she never opened the package because she could have easily missed the bird part.

"If I would have found it making a smoothie or in a salad, I don't know what I would have done."

Dave Cleckner, Buehler's manager, said the store was alarmed by the discovery and contacted their wholesaler, Caito Foods out of Indiana.

Cleckner said store workers also inspected other similar produce on the shelves.

"It definitely was a concern for us, so that's why we looked at our product. We did not find anything on our end," Cleckner said.

Carducci said she contacted Dole headquarters in California. The company offered to send a courier to her home to pick up the package of contaminated spinach.

The company also offered her vouchers for spinach and salad, which she declined.

"I won't be eating bagged lettuce or bagged spinach again," she said.

Dole responded to a request for comment from Scripps station NewsNet5 with this statement:

Thank you for contacting us about the issue.  We appreciate that you have given us the opportunity to respond. Dole Fresh Vegetables prides itself on its high product quality standards and takes consumer concerns very seriously. We have already spoken to the consumer and our Quality Assurance staff is investigating the incident.  

Carducci also contacted the Food and Drug Administration and said a representative was "horrified" by the discovery.

She said the FDA planned to contact Dole and review their process for bagging spinach.

"I want them [Dole] to take it seriously that's there's a bird in my spinach... I want them to find out where's the rest of the bird or how it got in there."

She also posted a message on her Facebook page warning others about the stomach-turning find.

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