Woman finds biological dad through Facebook

WESTMINSTER, CO - The life a Colorado woman thought she knew for 47 years has changed dramatically.

The change came with two surprises. The first was heart-wrenching. The second, heart-warming.

The mail in Melissa Plessinger's box is much different today than it was a month and a half ago.

She got a letter she'd like to forget.

"Melissa, there is a question about your birth that you should ask your mother as she is the only person who is able to answer it for you."

The anonymous letter, claiming the man she knew for 47 years, isn't who she thought he was.

"Your mother will be able to give you the answer as to who your father is. You have a dad but even he has never known the answer to this question."

It was just a letter, just words on paper, until Melissa got in touch with the only person who could tell her the truth.

"My mom told me it was true. That Bob wasn't really my dad and that, I'm trying not to cry, that his name was David Hall."

So many emotions, so much to sort out.

But suddenly the unthinkable was starting to make sense.

"I was like obviously this was brought to me and so if God brought me to it, he's gonna bring me through it."

The first step of getting through it - find the man that's been missing from your life for 47 years.

"My step mom and my step sister, they're like you have to go on Facebook, you have to do one of those letter things. And I thought oh, that's so dumb."

 But sometimes dumb ideas are the best ones.

"With Father's Day coming up I thought to myself, that's going to be the perfect day for me to do it."

She made up a sign with the name her mother gave her and posted it on Sunday.

It was a blip in the news feed when everyone was talking about what they were doing with Dad.

"I thought that this was gonna be a long journey. I was thinking like a year."

But two days later, there was a message.

"She was like 'I think that you're my dad's daughter.'"

That message turned into a phone call that phone finally made it to her real dad.

Melissa's biological father was on leave from the military when he dated her mom.

He was sent back out and by the time he got back, Melissa's mom was married to someone else.

"He just kept telling me that he was sorry and I told him he didn't have to be sorry. I just want to know my family, it's weird to have half of your family stripped away and all that."

Most of Melissa's new family lives in Cheyenne.

The sister who connected with her on Facebook made the trip Wednesday night to meet her.

They invited Melissa to a barbecue on July 4th so she can meet everyone.

Her biological dad lives in Mesa, Arizona now.

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