Windows phone scammers continue to try to hack into your computer

They say they're calling from Windows Support and that your computer has been sending error messages.

All you have to do to fix it, they say, is follow their directions.

Scottsdale resident Linda Hard answered a call like this a few months ago. "I want you to go to the start button and pull up your program list," was the first thing they told her to do.

But, that's as far as they got with Hard.

"At that point, I said ‘this is a scam and I'm hanging up,'" she said. "But there are people out there that wouldn't know it's a scam."

And lots of those people have been falling victim to it.

Since we originally reported about this scam, we've continued to get emails from a lot of you who say you've gotten this call. Some figured out it wasn't legitimate, but this scam doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon.

Kathryn wrote us and said she's gotten this call three times in the last two weeks alone.

And Art wrote to tell us that he followed their instructions when they called him and they got pretty far. Until, "suddenly I noticed they had hacked into my computer and were moving around on the screens," he wrote.

They wanted him to pay them to clear up the problem, he said. That's when he figure out it was a scam.

But he's still dealing with the repercussions. He said he had to contact his regular user support and have them reset his computer.

A similar scam was tracked by Microsoft last year, and the company issued a warning to customers worldwide to watch out for people calling pretending to be from Microsoft support.

To file a complaint, you can contact the Arizona Attorney General's Office or the Federal Trade Commission .

Has this happened to you? Email me or go to my ABC15 Facebook page and let me know.

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