Whitney Kropp fights back against bullies in Michigan homecoming prank

At Ogemaw Heights High School it was a prank so cruel – so nasty – that it made a Michigan teen consider killing herself.

Whitney Kropp, 16, was voted onto the homecoming court as a joke.

When Whitney first got the news that she won, like any teen she was elated. But the smiles soon turned to tears.

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"Initially when I came home from work she was excited. It wasn't until later in the evening she was in her bedroom. She was upset and crying," said Bernice Kropp, Whitney's mother.

Like any protective mother, Whitney's mom was crushed and angry.

"Shame on you, that was so hurtful to her and that's just mean," said Kropp.

But Whitney rallied, and so did the small town of West Branch where this all happened. A Facebook page of support was launched in Whitney's honor and local businesses banded together to help.

The 16-year-old now has a beautiful dress for the dance and a local salon is going to do Whitney's hair.

The dance is this Friday.

As for the students who orchestrated this humiliating prank, it's not clear if they will face punishment. Scripps Detroit station 7 Action News reached out to Ogemaw Heights High School officials, but they have not heard back as of Tuesday morning.

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