Wendy's drive-thru viral video star, Blake Mankin of Scottsdale, raps for ABC15 (VIDEO)

A Valley teen, famous for his Wendy's drive-thru rap video, shows off his mad skills in a special rap dedicated especially to ABC15.

Blake Mankin, 19, has gotten nearly 100,000 hits on YouTube in just five days. This is the fourth time he's rapped his fast food order, but the first time he has filmed it.


Turns out, Wendy's got the order right, and gave him and his friends their food for free!

Blake's from Scottsdale and went to Chaparral High School. He just moved to Tennessee to go to college.

"My buddy back home in Scottsdale named Aaron Probst, it was his idea, we saw a McDonald's interview that did the exact same thing and we just knew we could write one 100 times better than that," said Blake.

Stephanie Hockridge interviewed Blake and challenged him to do an ABC15 "freestyle" rap which you can watch in the large video player above.

He used the viral video to promote his upcoming album "What the Funk."

Mankin goes by "Mister B" if you want to check out more of his work.


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