VIDEO: Dunkin' Donuts robbery gets violent

BOYNTON, FL - Surveillance video has been released of a violent armed robbery at a Dunkin' Donuts in Florida this week.

Boynton Beach Police released the video that shows the robbery from three angles inside the store.

A man is seen coming into the Dunkin' Donuts and confronting an employee with a gun. A customer behind him grabs the suspect and they struggle. The Good Samaritan is knocked to the ground by the suspect.

The suspect is given a cash drawer and then a second suspect is seen carrying a second cash drawer to the counter.

As the suspects leave, in one of the angles you can see a suspect kick the Good Samaritan's head to the ground as he walks out of the store.

ABC news station WPBF reports officers spotted the getaway car and tried to stop the driver, but the vehicle got away, ultimately crashing into a grass embankment.

Four suspects were taken to local hospitals for treatment and are now in custody.

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