Utah man records his own plane crash (VIDEO)

UTAH - Most people would be scared to death if their plane was making a crash landing, but instead of panicking, a Utah man grabbed his smartphone and started recording.

According to ABC News , Jonathan Fielding was on the plane with his wife Kara, their 7-month-old son Jacob and Kara's mother, when the pilot told them there was ice on the plane's carburetor.

Fielding grabbed his cellphone and started filming the flight's emergency landing in snowy Utah.

In the YouTube video, Fielding can be heard saying the pilot tried to make a safe landing, but snow caused the landing gear to break from the plane causing it to flip upside down.

Fielding, his family, and the pilot all survived the crash, but Fielding's cellphone video gives viewers a first-hand perspective into the journey.

See the crash landing for yourself in the YouTube video below.




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