Using spoons for medication can lead to overdose, study says

Next time you or your children need a dose of medicine, think twice about measuring with a kitchen spoon.

According to a study in Pedatrics journal, measuring with a spoon instead of a medical measurer, like a syringe or dropper, can lead to a 50 percent increase in dosing mistakes, Daily Mail says.

The study was conducted with about 300 parents who needed to administer medications and antibiotics to their children who were recently in the emergency room. The parents were later contacted to determine how they gave the medications.

When researchers collected data and looked into the specific tools used to measure the medicine by each parent, they found shocking results.

The Daily Mail says that almost one-third of the children received the wrong dose and one-sixth of parents in the study used a kitchen spoon.

The article states that when bottles list teaspoons as an indicator on how much to take, it doesn't necessarily mean all teaspoons. All spoons are different sizes and therefore the measurement is less precise.

Taking too little of a medication can be ineffective, while taking too much can be deadly, especially for children.

It is much safer to use a medical device to measure medicine dosages and researchers suggest measuring in milliliters when possible.

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