Unhappy couples stay together because of lack of courage to divorce, study shows

A recent study found that unhappy spouses stay married due to the lack of courage to divorce.

The research, commissioned by lawyers Slater & Gordon, included 2,000 unhappily married participants in Great Britain and determined their reasons for not divorcing.

They discovered that men were more likely to be frustrated with their sex life while women felt too much time was spent worrying on money and not enough on having fun. 

Women reported fearing divorce for financial reasons while men were most worried about how divorce would affect the family.

In fact, one in four married parents felt they remained together for the sake of their children.

Despite this, Amanda McAlister, head of family law at Slater & Gordon, said children are much happier when their parents are happy. She reported on their website, "Marriage when it works is fantastic but when it doesn't it can be a terrible strain on both parties as well as any children involved."

Only 55 percent of the participants felt marriage was for life.

McAlister explains, "Leaving an unhappy marriage no longer brings the same stigma it used to, people understand it's often the best solution for all parties involved."

The top 10 reasons the participants put off divorce were:

1. Lack of courage

2. Possibility of regret

3. Hope of improvement

4. Impact on the family

5. Lack of financial security

6. Unwillingness to sell the home or move

7. Too old

8. Feeling of guilt

9. Intimidation of being on their own

10. Being lonely

For the full study results, visit the Slater & Gordon website .

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