Two suspects siphon more than $4,500 of gasoline from California Shell gas station

One Shell gas station is feeling the effects of high gas prices in California after one duo managed to siphon more than $4,500 of gas over the course of a few days in late September.

A man has already been arrested in connection with the crime, but police are still looking for one female who has already been identified, according to ABC News .

Police also discovered the truck that was used to steal the gas.

The two suspects siphoned over 1,100 gallons of gasoline over a three day span, though no one is sure how they managed to get the pump running without payment, according to the article.

The gas was reportedly pumped into a tank in the back of a truck at different times overnight and during the day.

According to ABC, security tapes recorded footage of the gas being stolen and a clerk later recognized the vehicle when it returned to the gas station.

California gas prices are reaching toward $5 per gallon after raising over 50 cents in only a week.

Other accounts of stolen gas were recorded over the summer. Read more.

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