Tesla Model S given top rating by Consumer Reports

PHOENIX - Consumer Reports has rated the electric Tesla Model S a 99, tying its highest score ever for a vehicle which is the Lexus LS.

Despite its score, the Tesla doesn't have enough of a road history to earn CR's "Recommended Buy" rating.

"Despite its stratospheric road-test score, we can't recommend the Model S until we have sufficient reliability data," Consumer Reports explained.

The fully electric car went on sale last summer. Although the car has a limited driving range of between 180 and 225 miles due to its reliance on a battery, Consumer Reports gushed about its innovation and potential.

"Slipping behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S is like crossing into a promising zero-emissions future," the report reads.

The report hailed the car as "brimming with innovation" and delivering "world class performance."

"It's what Marty McFly might have brought back in place of his DeLorean in ‘Back to the Future," Consumer Reports wrote.

The Tesla Model S starts at $62,400. The model Consumer Reports reviewed cost $89,650.

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