Syria conflict: Local Syrians react to President Obama's speech

It was hard for a group of local Syrians to hold back emotions following President Obama's speech Tuesday night on the crisis in Syria.

While one agreed with Obama's plan of action, others felt the President's statements were a green light for the country to continue on the path its heading.

"I'm extremely disappointed. Horrified. I'm trying to maintain my cool," said Maha Alkhatab.

"The President is talking about the one thousand people killed in the chemical attack, but he did not even mention the one hundred thousand plus that were killed the last two and half years. He is a year late for taking action. That's if he takes action," said Mike Kassab.

Five people came together at ABC15's studios to watch and discuss the President's speech. Many of them have family members in Syria and are looking for a solution to end the destruction.

While the majority disagreed with Obama's response, Surge Hougeir was the only one to support his stance.

"I think he started by saying you cannot solve someone else's civil war by using force. I believe that. I greatly admire that," said Hougeir.

Others were quick to disagree with him.

"You say we should negotiate, but how can you negotiate with a criminal?" said Steve Arkawi.

"Today, guaranteed people were killed. Buildings were destroyed. So wake up and face it. If you don't strike, it's still going to go on for 30 months. If you strike, maybe it will go on for two weeks but then it can be done," said Orfan Tarabichi.

"I agree with you, force is not good, but when you have a bully, a serial killer as you said earlier, doing this for 29 months, if somebody has murdered at that capacity we already gave him the green light. Seven million people, my husband is one of them, a refugee, sitting, hoping, he is playing God with Syria," said Alkhatab.

The group agreed to disagree and respected one another's opinions. They are not sure what the solution is, but are hoping one comes soon to save the families that are left.


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