Surge of undocumented immigrants starts in Texas

MISSION, TX - A massive surge of undocumented immigrants coming into southern Texas are overwhelming Border Patrol agents, forcing them to send the migrants to Arizona.

Agents say they get hundreds of women and children crossing every day, and the transfer of these immigrants out of state has been going on for months.

13-year Border Patrol veteran Chris Cabrera has been overwhelmed.

“It feels like a sinking ship. It feels like it will never end.”

With their eyes looking down from the skies, boots on the grounds, Border Patrol agents in Rio Grande Valley, Texas work around the clock to find undocumented immigrants.

“The day before we had a group of 150 and yesterday 200. Who knows what today will bring," said Cabrera.

Once they have the migrants, they go to a Border Patrol facility in Mission, Texas. But this is only temporary, and the detention centers in Texas are at five times the capacity.

Border Patrol agents say the number of illegal crossings in the Rio Grande Valley have more than doubled to 37,000 in the last eight months.

“We are sending him to Lorado, we are maxed out in Texas, so unfortunately we have to send them someplace else," Cabrera said.

So, for the last eight months, places like San Diego and Chicago have taken on some of the burden.

But now, they had no choice but to turn to Arizona.

“I think Arizona is getting pretty bogged down. I don’t know how much more the people of Arizona are going to stand by and let this happen, but we don't have any place to go," said Cabrera.

Agents say they don't expect the droves of immigrants to stop anytime soon.

They are already borrowing more than 100 Border Patrol agents from across the nation.

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