Study: Obese women may have 'food learning impairment'

Yale study tested 135 men and women

A recent Yale University study found surprising results when testing the ability of obese women to make correct decisions regarding foods.

Researchers found when sugary food was a reward, obese women weren't able to make the right decision or learn properly.

Some background: Yale researchers tested 135 men and women, showing them "reward" cards and telling the participants they would be given whatever appeared on the card.

There was a pattern involved, and participants were asked to predict when a reward card would appear.

Obese women didn't do well when the reward card involved food, overestimating how often chocolate or some other food item would appear. 

Note — it was just obese women — not thinner women and not men of any weight — who seemed to have what the researchers are calling "impaired associative learning."

See this Newsy report for more:

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